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Business Language Training Intensives

The French and Spanish Tuition Service offers a programme of Intensive Business Language Training options.

If you need to prepare quickly for a business trip to a French or Spanish speaking country or have an important meeting or interview in a foreign language, you will see a benefit from a tailored Intensive Business Language Training course.

Intensive Business Language Training Courses allow you to improve quickly on your grammar, and your communication skills, it can increase your confidence and you will cover new and key topics of vocabulary in a short period of time.

The French and Spanish Tuition Service can arrange for a Business Language Trainer to come to your offices to give an Intensive Business Language Training course which your particular business needs

Costs for intensive courses are as follows:

  • 8 hour Intensive: 1-1 Tuition, one day intensive £320.00
  • 15 hour intensive: 1-1 Tuition, five 3-hour sessions taken in one week £590.00
  • 30 hour intensive: 1-1 Tuition, ten 3-hour sessions taken in 2 weeks £1190.00